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Service concept

Service design

Service design refers to improving/elevating the user's thoughts, behaviors, and experiences by applying design methods that use various techniques, such as observations, interviews, and research, to gain insight regarding the “user’s service experience.” Quantum Gate aims to improve the quality of life with practical changes in thinking and behavior that are not limited to design. This is the fundamental value system underlying Quantum Gate’s corporate philosophy and business philosophy.


In order to overcome the limitations of domestic Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in information collection devices, information utilization, and information provision, Quantum Gate uses its products and services and improves the capacity to report dangerous situations, detect road conditions, detect unexpected situations, collect information in real-time from the infrastructure level, then deliver data to the center.
Quantum Gate expects to improve safety and mobility by preventing traffic accidents and leading a paradigm shift from road management to user safety. C-ITS is also important as a concept in road infrastructure support for the upcoming autonomous driving era.


Q-GATE is an integrated service based on Quantum Gate's C-ITS big data platform. It consists of individual solutions such as UXDFS, an Intelligent Driver Feedback system, UXCPS, a forward collision prevention system, Blockchain-based V2I terminal, and UXDTG, a reward system for safe driving of cargo and buses. At its core, Q-GATE is a practical implementation system for Quantum Gate's company-wide business direction.

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